Brewista - 8 Cup Hourglass Brewer

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Brewista - 8 Cup Hourglass Brewer

Brewista’s revolutionary redesign of the classic hourglass brewer works with virtually any style paper filter; square, full cone, flat V cone, circular and standard or tall basket styles.

You can use the filters of your choice. The patent pending vent tube and ribbed interior make it possible.
Together they prevent the vacuum which leads to overflow during the bloom.
The ribs also keep filters from sticking when wet, so removing grounds is simple and neat when you are ready to pour. An innovative dual spout design provides smooth serving without splashing.

The ergonomically designed profile and non-slip, heat resistant silicone wrap make it easy to handle. Durable tempered borosilicate glass maintains temperature without cracking under quick temperature changes.

Features include:
  • Vent tube ensures consistent brewing (patent pending)
  • Tempered borosilicate glass
  • Thick, protective silicone wrap
  • Dual pour spouts for smooth serving
  • Interior ribs prevent filters from sticking
  • Perfect for brewing up to 8 cups
  • Works with virtually any style #6 coffee filter!

​Parts and Materials:
  • Body: Tempered borosilicate glass
  • Grip: Heat resistant BPA free silicone  
Product Dimensions:
5.7" (145mm) Lower Diam. x 6" (152mm) Upper Diam. x 9.5" (241mm) H


You can use just about any filter with the Hourglass brewer, we recommend trying the 

CHEMEX folded square filters

or the 

Hario V60 Filter 03



How to use
Use the method we describe here for the V60 and the CHEMEX, if you need to troubleshoot why its not coming out perfect, read this post for some pointers.