Aeropress - Standard, Stainless Steel, Re-usable, Coffee Filter

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Aeropress - Standard, Stainless Steel, Re-usable, Coffee Filter

The Able re-usabel stainless steel coffee filters are designed specifically for the AeroPress, and were made to completely replace the need for paper filters.

The metal filters actually enhance the flavor of the coffee by allowing natural oils through, which cannot pass through a paper filter. This will go a long way towards enhancing the body and smoothness in the coffee.


There are two different sized Re-usable filters

The "Standard size" is the larger of the two Re-usable Aeropress disc sizes, and is a versatile filter suitable for most coffee styles, however, the standard filter is great for strong espresso or strong Americano.

Fine size coffee filter is the smaller of the 2, providing less body, but also less fines.
This very delicate disc is perfect for very fruity tea-like brews where fruity flavor proceeds body.

These filters are becoming ever more popular in South-Africa as they go that little bit further in bringing out the natural flavours in each cup.