Nanopresso Wacaco

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The brand new Nanopresso is here!

  • Description

    The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. It is delightfully easy to operate and simple to use. The Nanopresso requires 15% less force to pump compared to previous models (1st generation Minipresso). With Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands. After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only few seconds. When necessary, every components of the portafilter are easily separated for deep cleaning.

    Nanopresso Case is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining. It is specially designed to fit around the Nanopresso without any attached accesories. The case helps protect from any bumps, scratches and dust. With the addition of the Nanopresso Case be ready for your next big adventure.


    • Dimension 156x71x62 mm 6.14×2.8×2.44 in
    • Weight 336 g 0.74 lb
    • Water capacity 80 ml 2.70 fl oz
    • Ground capacity 8 g 0.28 oz
    • Max. pressure 18 bar 261 psi

      • Dimension 185x80x80 mm 7.30×3.15×3.15 in
      • Weight 75 g 0.165 lb
      • Other Built-in attachment loop for carabiner.


      • Dimension 189x85x81 mm 7.44×3.35×3.20 in
      • Weight 530 g 1.17 lb
      • Package include Nanopresso, protective case,
      • Built-in espresso cup, filter basket,
      • scoop, brush,

Choose from 4 different colors and add some cool accessories like:

The NS Adapter
The NS Adaptor allows the Nanopresso to use Nespresso small size capsules. The advantage of using capsules is that the coffee is mechanically ground, measured, and tamped with a higher precision than we are capable of doing by hand. The NS Adapter is compatible with a large variety of small size capsules offered by Nespresso.

Nanopresso hard case
 The case helps protect from any bumps, scratches and dust.

The Nanopresso Barista Kit 

The Barista Kit allows you to make a double espresso with your Nanopresso!