The PUSH Tamper

The PUSH Tamper

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The PUSH Tamper

There are numerous ways to mess up an espresso shot , not getting a consistent tamp is certainly a big contributing factor.
If you want consistency then the PUSH tamper might be exactly what you're looking for.

What is PUSH?

PUSH is an adjustable coffee tamper, which guarantees perfectly level and repeatable tamping for any user. It's also more comfortable to use than a traditional tamper and could even reduce pain caused by tamping related injuries. 


 Its 58.50mm base is made from a harder grade of metal than any other tamper we could find. We then harden it further and layer it with a top secret ultra-low friction coating which stops coffee grounds from sticking to it, and reduces wear on the adjustment mechanism. The colourful handles are made from aerospace grade aluminium, and all markings are laser-etched, so they will never come off. PUSH sets a new standard of quality, engineering and design above all other coffee tampers. We believe this will be the last tamper you ever need to buy.


  • 58.50mm hardened stainless steel base with fighter jet coating
  • Stepless adjustments accurate to 0.05mm