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Trinity One

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Trinity One Coffee Brewer

The Trinity One might just be the future of speciality coffee.

Not only is this the most stylish and sleek designed coffee brewer on the market its has 3 in 1 functionality.
Its an all-in-one counter-top masterpiece, combining Press, Drip and Immersion brew techniques.

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You can use the Trinity ONE for :
- Air pressure coffee similar to the AeroPress
- Immersion brew similar to a French Press ( can also create a japanese cold brew)
- Pour-Over with regular V60 filters

The Trinity™ ONE features a unique non-bypass filter housing design, which results in a cleaner filtering potential, yielding a more pleasant mouthfeel and flavor in the cup

The Trinity™ ONE is the first and only coffee maker to include a weighted press cylinder. Use it to press your coffee automatically using gravity, for unsurpassed brewing consistency and repeatable results.

The Brew Chamber of the Trinity ONE is double-walled for thermal insulation. The outer chamber is glass, and the inner chamber is Tritan, the same material used in Camelbak water bottles, a number Breville Appliances.
The inner chamber comprises a cylindrical section for brewing air pressure method (compatible with paper and metal disk filters), and a conical opening for brewing pour over (compatible with paper and metal cone filters).
Cold brew can be achieved by using both sections of the brew chamber and flow controller for long and continuous immersion. It is also possible to achieve 'concurrent brewing', combining pour over and air pressure method at the same time.